Dostal Eyecare Contact Lens Advantages

When deciding where to purchase your contact lens, it’s important to consider overall value, not just price.  Dostal  Eyecare offers the best overall value, Including; competitive pricing, credibility, availability, superb customer service, convenience, bundle savings and our 1 Year Supply Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Competitive Pricing
    Many of our most popular contact lenses have a rebate available when purchasing a years supply at our office.  This not only keeps us competitive, it also qualifies you for our 1 Year Supply Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Credibility
    We are your local Eye Care Specialist, here to provide you with all of your contact lens needs.  Dr. Dostal has been performing contact lens fittings for over 17 years and specializes in difficult fits.
  • Availability
    We carry trial lenses for all the contact lenses we fit in our office.
    In emergency situations, we can provide lenses immediately with no waiting or fees for expedited shipping.
  • Customer Service
    Rip, loose or tear your lenses, we will replace them at NO cost.  (with 1 year supply purchase)
    Easy exchanges of contact lenses in the case of RX change or problems with the contact lenses.
    Free shipping for orders of 6 months or more.
  • Convenience
    Orders may be placed over the phone, saving you time and money.
    Shipped directly to your home in 3-5 business days.   
    True 1 Year Supply of lenses.  If you run out of lenses, we will provide you with the lenses to get you through until your next exam.
  • Bundle Savings
    40% off prescription eyewear purchases, when purchased same day as a year's supply of contact lenses.
    Discounts on Non-Prescription Sunglasses.
    You save $50 off your Contact Lens Exam with the purchase of a 1 Year Supply
    Mail in rebates on select brands of contact lenses when purchasing a 1 Year Supply.
        *Excludes colored, custom or hard lenses

Dostal Eyecare Eyewear Advantages

When deciding where to purchase your eyewear, it’s important to consider overall value, not just price.  Dostal Eyecare offers  competitive pricing, selection, superb customer service, convenience, measurements/adjustments and credibility.

  • Competitive Pricing
    Pricing of our eyewear reflects the quality and workmanship of the frames and prescription lenses dispensed, which are competitive with most optical retailers.
    40% Off second and additional same day purchase pairs.
    Frame and Lens Packages starting at $129.00 (see associates for details)
  • Selection
    We have a large selection of eyewear from classic to trendy.  We offer prescription & non-prescription specialty/sport specific eyewear for golf, swimming, skiing, cycling and certified safety goggles.
  • Superb Customer Service
    Our knowledgeable staff will take the time to give you that personalized advice and recommend the best products to match your unique lifestyle and visual needs.
  • Convenience
    Being able to reach out to us by calling, e-mailing, texting or stopping in the office with all your eyewear questions and concerns.
  • Measurements/Adjustments
    The prescription is only a portion of the information needed to accurately order new eyewear.  Precise measurements are needed to ensure that your eyewear fits properly and gives you optimal vision.
    Frame adjustments, screws and nose-pads are always done free of charge.
  • Credibility
    Dostal Eyecare is here to provide you with all of your eyewear needs.  Dr. Dostal has been practicing for over 17 years and is supported by his Licensed  Opticians to help assist you with your final eyewear purchase.
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