T. Ellis — Dr. Dostal and his entire staff are simply the best around. Caring, accommodating, and extremely friendly doesn't even begin to describe how great their office is. I would not trust my eyes, or my family's, with anyone else.

K. Sarver — Top quality eyecare. Great customer service. Very accommodating. Last eye dr. was in Chicago and was always disappointed in care and products and especially the prices. Could not be happier with care and my new contacts and prices are great!!!


S. Fleury — First eye exam in 6 years and went to Dr. Dostal. Everyone there was really nice and very friendly, and they helped me pick out new frames. My former eye doctor was one I'd had for 22 years, I'm not there anymore because I moved, but Dr. Dostal's office is great! I couldn't have hoped for a better replacement!! :-)
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6 Reasons to Wear Great Sunglasses

by dostaleye

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement - they’re important protection from the hazards of UV light.

If you wear sunglasses mostly for fashion that’s great--just make sure the lenses block UVA and UVB rays.